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Socrates Premium Wordpress Theme

I've used both. Thesis makes two statements – itis better for SEO and it's really completely personalized, no code required, around the sprint. The price? Last time I viewed it had been multiple areas. First, Dissertation is more desirable for the searchengines it's not necessarily the most effective available on the market although when compared to a lot of the free junk themes you can obtain. In the past, perhaps know of one or two subjects that are free that will defeat it. Second, yep, there exists a large learning curve included in customizing Dissertation since it's just too involved to mess with and many people outsource it. Youare allowed to be able to modify you shouldn't need to pay anyone to do it for you, if youare going to pay for a theme. FlexSqueeze is another solution. For $127 you obtain yet promises you get from Dissertation you get a couple of revenue websites and design.

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