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, (among the three kingdoms of Korea). On the basis of the legitimate history of Daniel Lugo (Mark Wahlberg) an Arkansas bodybuilder who wants to live the American desire. He'd like to have the money that people that are other have. Thus he enlists the help of fellow bodybuilder Adrian Doorbal (Anthony Mackie) and ex-convict, Christian bodybuilder Scott Doyle (Dwayne Johnson). Because they have muscles for minds their kidnapping and scheme goes awfully incorrect and they are left to haphazardly attempt to hold onto the elusive National dream. Published by napierslogs I will be showing this movie to a large amount of people. It is very hilarious, and technique underrated. That is fundamentally an even more clever, better published model of Stupid and Dumber with bodybuilding and offense. If you prefer the sly social discourse design of Mike Judge (Idiocracy, Work Place) then you definitely will like this video. I provided 10 stars to it as it literally built me laugh-out loud dozens of times.

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